Mix up the market. We design, manufacture and implement according to your needs.

We offer tailor-made mixing solutions for viscous products in the fields of:

  • Construction chemistry

    Pasty plasters, disperse paint, processing agents, adhesives, joint sealants, fillers, …

  • Paints & varnishes

    Paints, varnishes, wood preservatives, roof and floor coatings, …

  • Printing inks

    Offset, gravure printing, aluminium varnish,…

  • Adhesives and sealants

    Pastes with 1 or 2 components: silicone, polyurethane, acrylate, polysulphide, butyl, PVC, …

  • Rubber

    Natural and synthetic rubber from low to highest viscosity, blends of liquid rubber, fluorocarbon rubber, fibre blends, …

  • Modelling materials, highly viscous products, putty

    Ceramic materials, paraffins, powder coatings, carbide mixtures, silicone rubber, PVC, …

  • Food

    Cereals, spices, snacks, dairy products…

What we offer:

  • Tailor-made design, implementation and support
  • Individual technical advice
  • A wide range of plants: Turn-key systems, tailor-made solutions, fully automated control systems, CIP systems, recipe management solutions and much more
  • Great flexibility
  • Reasonable prices thanks to efficient structures
  • Individual service