Clearly, this is precision work form Austria.

Already since 2010 we, the Austrian family business Mischtechnik, have been applying our know-how from mechanical engineering to the field of environmental technology as well. Since then, numerous screw presses in all machine sizes for dewatering industrial sludge and sewage sludge have been developed and implemented on site. The screw presses and plants are used whenever sewage water is to be treated: in municipal sewage plants, the recycling industry, dairies, the paper industry, slaughterhouses, breweries, food processing facilities etc.

Our speciality.

When building turn-key systems, we manufacture all components ourselves, whenever possible: Apart from the screw presses this also applies to the mixing tanks, polymer plants, polymer mixers, pedestals, operating platforms etc. If it makes sense, we involve our trusted partner businesses in the production.

Small enough to achieve great things.

What distinguishes us at Mischtechnik is our precise construction and realisation of the individual components. The plants are tailored precisely to the needs and ideas of our customers. This makes the machines extremely efficient and powerful so that subsequent adaptations or additions are absolutely no problem. Our flexible team of experts meets any requests, be it the production of press rolls, the repair of digester mixers and en masse conveyors or the production of substrate transfer mixing tank agitators.