Continuous mixers

Smooth and even.

Areas of application:

  • Highly viscous products for large tonnages.
  • Pre-mixers to admix large amounts of filling material into the liquid basis.

Twin-Screw mixer

Continuous twin screw mixer

Robust and closed mixing system with a high filling degree to reach high throughputs. Various process steps can be configured fast and easily. For this purpose, we provide many types of mixing paddles, conveyor paddles and opposed paddles, which can be slid onto the shafts. As standard, this mixer comes equipped with a double wall to heat or cool. Optionally, the mixing shafts can also be heated or cooled. We also provide feeding and evacuation devices are available as well as single screw extruders to discharge under pressure. For the handling of very abrasive products we offer special carbide linings, which guarantee extensive operating times with very low internal gaps.

Capacity range: 100 to 2000 kg/h

Operating temperatures of up to 250°C