Dispersing discs & mixing tools

Hot discs.

With us you will find the right mixing tool for your product. We can provide you with agitating discs and dispersing discs in all standard sizes and shapes for all conventional types of mixers. Additionally, we also offer discs specially tailored to the size and shape you need and adapt them to the flange.

Agitating discs

Our wear protection processes considerably prolong your agitating disc’s life:

  • Chroming

    The coating can be applied evenly and the geometry remains unaffected. Applying a chrome layer represents an easy and cost-efficient way of reducing wear and tear.

  • Carbide tipping

    The sintered carbide plates show almost no wear and tear and the dispersion performance is entirely retained. The striking edge remains sharp. Only the base material wears as it is not protected against the material flow.

  • Carbide coating

    In contrast to chrome coating, the surface here is much harder. Also, the surfaces of the base material behind the striking edge are protected – unlike in the case of carbide tipping.

Disc shapes

Apart from the standard agitating discs we offer a range of custom-made disc shapes. Our portfolio comprises lab discs (20 mm dia) as well as discs with sizes of up to 1200 mm dia.

Agitating propeller

Excellent mixing behaviour plus low shear stress – the alternative to agitating discs.

  • Propellers
  • Trapezoidal propeller
  • Trapezoidal propeller with adjustable blades
  • Butterfly
  • Conical mixer